Dani's Air BnB Adventures: Palm Springs

Hey everyone! This is my first ever blog post for Local's website, so if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by!

You remember when as a kid, when you went to a new class, you would introduce yourself to everyone and probably mention some of your hobbies? If I ever come across that same situation as an adult, one of the hobbies I would probably list is finding and staying at really dope Air BnB's.

If you know me at all, you know I'm actually not big on travel. I absolutely HATE flying, and I'm an overall pretty anxious traveler, especially after having my son. But I've found that Air BnB's are a pretty easy solution to this problem. So far all of the ones we've stayed at over the past few years have been a perfect set up for the kids, but also make it feel like we are actually on vacation. And now I consider myself the QUEEN of finding amazing Air BnB's for all of our adventures. 

The one that we most recently stayed at, Rancho Cielito in Palm Springs, definitely lived up to that expectation. Not only did we have an amazing and relaxing vacation, the entire house is what inspired me to come up with a whole collection of Palm Springs inspired vintage. Every single piece of decor gave off boho vibes. I felt like I was in New Mexico. Everything in the house was either vintage, or vintage inspired. I fell in love the second I walked through the door, and I really wanted all of the pieces in the collection to reflect the vintage, boho vibe that this Air BnB emulated. Here are some pictures, and I truly hope they inspire you to book your stay ASAP!

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I'm pretty obsessed with the decor and overall look of this house, to say the least! And I was so inspired by this place, I decided to curate an entire collection based on the look and feel of this particular Air BnB. Here's some pictures of some pieces from the collection to inspire you as well!



You can shop this entire collection through our website, and I'll include the link for Rancho Cielito here as well! Have a good weekend y'all!


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