The One Closet Staple You Need in 2023

No, it's not the Big Red Boot. It's something a LOT more versatile, that can be worn through all four seasons, and when styled right, can be timeless!
You probably guessed it by now: the Vintage Blazer (bonus points if it's oversized!)
Here's our Vintage Wool Blazer, and how we styled it: 
A vintage blazer is a timeless, versatile piece that has pretty much ALWAYS been in style. Just like a good pair of denim and a white tee, a good blazer has the power to transform any basic outfit into an amazing one. 
Here's our oversized Vintage Robinsons May Blazer, and how we styled it: 
Vintage oversized blazer with suede elbows, styled with vintage denim and a vintage teeshirt
They're often made from high-quality materials and have intricate details that are not found in modern blazers. The construction of vintage blazers is also superior, with tailored cuts that flatter the body, even if they're "oversized"!
And when you buy a vintage one, you're making a conscious effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability! (I don't think I need to rehash how bad fast fashion is here.)
For more oversized blazer outfit inspiration, here's how blogger Sincerely Jules styled hers!
The key to styling vintage oversized blazers is to keep the rest of the outfit simple - pair with a band tee and jeans, or sporty sneakers and a small bag for a minimalist look. The blazer should be the star of the show for this outfit!
Want your own to add to your wardrobe? Click here to browse our selection of high quality vintage blazers!

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