Vintage New Years Eve Outfits

Welp. I had some fun New Years Eve plans, but Miss 'Rona is bound and determined to not let anyone have any fun.
So, Club Couch it is! But I still want to look cute. Is anyone else also plagued with this dilemma?
Here are my solutions: 
And a LOT of champagne! 
Here's how we styled these looks:
Vintage teeshirt
Vintage teeshirt
Vintage cashmere cardigan
If there's anything we learned from 2021, it's that protecting our environment should be our number one priority moving forward. It's *literally* life or death. One way you can help is by reducing your carbon footprint, and one way to do that is to buy secondhand. Whether you're buying from us, a thrift store, a resell site, or simply inheriting some clothes from a friend, a huge THANK YOU for not continuing the vicious cycle of fast fashion. 
Let's continue to educate people on the impact fast fashion has on the environment, and even better, let's encourage one another to buy secondhand, shop small, and shop LOCAL. 
We SINCERELY thank all of you for your support this year! We certainly could not have made it this far without you.
CHEERS to a SAFE 2022!!!

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