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What to look for when shopping at a vintage store

First, I'd like to clarify the difference between a thrift store and a vintage shop. A thrift store takes donations from the public, and adds anything and everything to their racks for extremely affordable prices. A vintage shop (a good one, at least), has pieces that have been thoughtfully curated for a specific customer base. 
Now that we have those two entities clearly defined, let's get to the good part!
Vintage shops will undoubtedly have a treasure trove of jackets, blazers, and outerwear in general. Here are some of our favorites from our store:
Vintage leather jacket
Vintage fringe jacket
You can't go wrong with shopping the accessories section of a vintage store, if only for some inspiration!
vintage bandana
Perhaps the best kept secret of vintage shops: sweaters in all styles, including chunky knits, crewnecks, and hoodies. Make sure to stock up next time you see some! Most of these pieces are rare and one of a kind, and are the perfect layering piece. 
vintage sweater
Whether you're new to vintage clothing, or a seasoned professional, shopping secondhand can get overwhelming at times. Hopefully this helps narrow down your search next time you're in a vintage shop!
If you're in the Ventura area, make sure to stop by our brick and mortar store at 420 E Main Street! Cheers!

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